side by side

The top one is from 5/13/14

The bottom one is from 9/11/13

My blog has changed from 3 sentences to 3 paragraphs. Now looking back I fell embarrassed about my writing. I could barely reread because it was so boring.

7th grade

When I first arrived in august I expected to be easy as pie, but they where the hardest weeks ever. I’ve never had so much homework.

By November school was  just passing by without me knowing. Day after day the same routine over and over. Wake up, take a shower, catch the bus, go to school, go home, do homework, and go to sleep. Since day one I’ve been stressed and exhausted from all the homework and tests. I couldn’t keep up with my school work I fell, but my mom came to the rescue. she helped me with my homework and studying for my tests. school became easier.

In seventh grade, I learned

-I learned that the water from every fountain taste like dirt.

-I learned that school go’s by fast

-I learned that school sucks

school is coming to its conclusion of seventh grade. The homework was hard and the tests stressed me out, but I rather stay in seventh grade.



Boy Scouts is my leadership. Telling what to, when to do it, and where. As a patrol leader you tell your fellow patrol what to do.

As a patrol leader in Scouts I leaned a lot of leadership skills such as how to be leader, how to be respected, and how to plan what your patrol should do. Being a Scout leader is a tough job. You have to be responsible for everything, be at every meeting and camp out, and be to every thing early.

Even though it was a hard job to lead a group and it wasn’t fun. But in the end I learned a lot of life lessons that will help me in my adulthood. I thought it might have been bad to be a leader, but it really wasn’t.



She was opening up her umbrella,

She thought it was going to rain,

When clap of a trap

And we never have seen her again.

-shel silverstien

This poem was my favorite poem in a book. I read silverstien books all the time i elementary school. they made me laugh for forever. This poem is about a girl that gets blown away when she opens her umbrella. This poem really stood out to me.

Media and a memory

When I was little, just couldn’t do without my epic Power Ranger toy. It was the most amazing toy in my whole life. It was the only toy loved as much as that.

It rode a motorcycle, and had a head that could flip from to Power Ranger to human. Vroom! Whoosh all over the carpet. I would Take a journey around my house fighting villains. Anything was possible when I had him in my hand. With my Power Ranger toy I felt invincible.

While I played with it, I imagined I was him fighting the bad guys and wining. I love my Power Ranger friend. I still have that toy and will not let it go.

Week 3: favorite quote

“Happiness is not something you  postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”

-Jim Rohn

was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. His rags to riches story played a large part in his work, which influenced others in the personal development industry.

This quote meant to me that you should always be happy . Always be in a good mood and never be mean to anybody. Be a happy person all the time not just later or maybe in a week, but now.

challenge #2

My favorite restaurant in Austin is Fogo De Chao, it is a Brazilian restaurant in downtown Austin. I love that the piles of meat that can never stop unless you flip your coin to red. The taste of the Brazilian meat is the reason I always come back to this amazing place. The huge salad bar that makes sure u don’t just have meat for your dinner.

In Fogo De Chao the waiters come around with huge platters of meat and ask you, “would u like this meat”? Its good because you can choose what meat you want to eat. Some of there meat is for adventures people that want to try a chicken ball covered cheese ,or  you can a simple Pease of steak.

The smell and taste of the Brazilian meat blows my mind just thinking about it. The moist delicious meat makes me crave more in till I feel to full to get up.

The Brazilian culture and slow cooked tender meat of this amazing place. I’ve been in austin a long time but my favorite restaurant is Fogo De Chao.

Texas Longhorns are the best team

Hookem Horns!! The crowd yells. Texas! Fight! The loud sound of the fans yell. The Texas long horns are my favorite team of all other teams.

Texas longhorns are the second most winningest team in college football and about to be number one. They win 3 thirds of there games every season.

Furthermore the Texas longhorns are one of the first football teams at a college and has won 4 national championships.

I will never love another team. I hope you know now why I think the Texas longhorns are the best team in the history of college football

My favorite game

Awwww!!!The terrifying sound comes clear through my turtle beaches… Not again!!! My favorite game is Dead Island and none other

Dead island is fun because you can explore an Island full of zombies. Where the survivors are trying to get off and the zombies are trying to murder you. You can go to a light house were there’s like 20 survivors. You can also go to a jungle where you find a crashed plane where you saw earlier crashing In the beginning. There’s different districts where it could have survivors or dead corpses and zombies.

Further more you can go where ever you want on the island- just watch out for the bosses. Dead island on my turtle beaches is terrifying, I can here the zombies running at me from a mile away and it still scares me. If you do get caught by a zombie you get in a scene where he’s blighting you and you can punch him off or die. They run at you like they have no feeling in there legs and they’re screams are awfully horrifying.

It Might scare me a little but that’s why I love it so much. The graphics and sounds are awesome. That’s why I love Dead Island.

Pep rally’s

Go Wildcats!! Ugh! That sound burns my ears… The piercing screech of the mikes glitch. Pep rally’s are the worst thing that happened to mankind.

They’re just a plain waste of time- cheerleaders do ill-minded air splits. It’s just so hard to watch.

The 6th graders yell at the top of there lungs.

The mike always glitches and I almost lose my hearing

Overall pep rally’s are just bad